Easy Steps to Get Rid of Scrap Items in Your House


It is time that you clean every nook and cranny of your living space to live peacefully and clutter-free. Clutters are ever present but you can do something about it. If you let it consume all space, you will be restricted for sure to the point of suffocation. Your neighbours are starting it. Why not start as well?


Minimalism is the trend these days not only here in Singapore but around the world. It is a worthy cause. Many people say that with the advent of minimalism, their lives are less stressful, less anxious and more contented. At first, physical possessions will make you happy but as you move along, things can be a bit intimidating and annoying.

You should only consider the things that matter most in your life. Here are easy steps to get rid of scrap in your house:

Declare reasons for de-owning it. When you have a goal in mind, it is always important that you declare the reasons behind it. In the case of de-cluttering, you have to know your reasons for de-owning it. If you do not know or understand the importance of de-cluttering, then there is a tendency that it will recur and you will be back to square one.


Start small. It is nice that you thought about de-owning or de-cluttering in the first place but sometimes people commit mistakes at this stage – getting rid of big things too soon. There is a reason why you should start with small things and work your way up. If you de-clutter big things too soon without thinking about it, you will end up regretting some. When de-cluttering, it is always easy to start small.

Sort your book collection. For bookworms out there, this is perhaps the hardest decision that you will make in your life. There is no use in having space for dusty and unread books. You have to know that intellectual clutter can be a hum in accomplishing your goals. You have to de-clutter knowing that you can just read it again online. You can make good use of the internet now.

Know things that you are unsure about. Sometimes there are things that you cannot part so it is important that you deliberate it again and again. If at the end of the day it is hard to make a decision, designate a place for temporary storage and be back after some time. This is effective because as you return, you will have a renewed sense of that thing.