Cooking Safely


Fire is prevalent not only here in Singapore but around the world. Fire can originate in the living room, bedroom and kitchen. In this case, let us talk about kitchen fire and how to avoid it. You should know that cooking is the number 1 cause of fires. It is important that you know safety measures to avoid fire and its spreading.

Here are some safety measures that you need to consider:

1. Never leave the food unattended. When you are frying, broiling or grilling, it is crucial that you never leave your food unattended. To be sure, you can use a timer to remind you.


2. Keep the children away. When cooking, you should make it a point to keep the children away. Do not let them near the cooking area because they might get hurt.



3. Keep flammable things away from the stove. You have to remember that flammable things should be far from the stove or any appliance. You need to store your wooden utensils, plastic bags, towels and other things that can catch fire away.


4. Install smoke alarm. Installing a smoke alarm can make a difference. You should install smoke alarms on every level of the home, inside the bedrooms and of course the kitchen. Check if it is operational and change the battery at least once a year.


5. Secure fire extinguisher in the kitchen.
When things go wrong, your greatest ally is the fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers are not that expensive. You need to take trainings though so you will know how to use it properly. For more information, you can contact your fire department.



Fire is the biggest disaster a family or an individual might encounter. In fact, there are people who would prefer being robbed than a breaking fire.