A Gentleman’s Dilemma on Matching Sneakers and Suits  


Who says that fashion is only for women? Even men can have an impeccable fashion if you are creative enough. The thing is, men can mix and match anything but it always depends on how one carries it. Walking on the streets of Singapore can be a fun and fashionable experience if we consider suits and sneakers.


You see many celebrities here and abroad wearing perfectly tailored suits but consider sneakers not shiny leather shoes. This kind of style is a great way to combine high fashion couture with street style.  Many men want to try this look but there are some who are not successful. The key to getting this look is to evade too bulky or too colourful shoes since . You have to choose sneakers that are minimal and with earthy tones. This kind of shoes will surely work with navy, printed or gray suits. This is just a prelude. There’s more coming.

To perfectly achieve high fashion combined by smart street style, here are some gentlemanly tips:

  • In choosing suits: For this look, your wardrobe staple should be suits. There are many suits in the market and it is usually challenging to find something that suit you best. The trick here is to take your time and search for the right fit. After finding the right fit, you have to choose colours and prints. The bottom line is to keep it simple and clean.


  • In combining colours: To make an interesting look, you have to choose suits with the right blend of colours. Usually, grey and white are excellent choices. Subtle as it is, this look is interesting enough. You should keep checkered suits strictly inside the closet. You have to go for stylish and modern style say navy or red suits.
  • In making a twist: If you think that sneakers and suits are too common these days, you can still enjoy it with a twist. For instance, you can consider a matching coloured tie with your sneakers. For ties, you have to choose earthy colours to be safe.
  • In the workplace: You want to be fashionable at the same time you want to demand respect. When going to work, you have to choose a sophisticated and sleek suit. The latest trend is turtlenecks. You can consider it together with accessories like scarf.
  • In parties: If you want to go out, you simply want to look your best. You can wear suits but still look very fashionable and “in”. When going out, you can consider military style jacket with colourful pocket squares.