4 Common Laundry Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you’re one of those who are too busy to do your laundry yourself, commercial laundry services in Singapore that offer laundry pick up and laundry delivery along with wash and fold services might be the best option. However, not knowing what happens during the laundry service and not knowing which services you specifically need can potentially cause disappointment if your clothing and linen are damaged.

Whether you choose to do your laundry yourself or you prefer commercial laundry services, take note of these common laundry mistakes, so you can avoid them.

1. Not Knowing the Care Labels

Learn how to read the care label instructions found on the tags in your clothes, linen, and upholstery. This is crucial especially in items that are decorated, embellished, and dyed. For items that are frequently used such as uniform laundry, you should take care not to make the materials deteriorate fast by using the wrong washing method.

2. Failure to Separate Colors

Sort your clothes and linen before loading them in the washer, but if you don’t have time for this, don’t worry about the sorting because www.laundryfirst.sg in Singapore can do this for you. Generally, the following load sorting is followed: whites, light-colored clothes, medium-colored clothes, dark colors, towel washing, and jeans. It’s also a good idea to wash your undergarments separately or to hand-wash delicate fabrics instead of loading them in the washer. For wash and fold laundry service, don’t forget to leave specific instructions if you’re worried about an expensive clothing.

3. Not Checking the Garments

Before the items are loaded into the washer or dry cleaning machine, the laundry service staff will inspect the pockets, buttons, and zippers first to make sure that the items will not be damaged during the cleaning process. You should inspect your clothes and linen, too, before taking them to laundry services because you need to empty the pockets, zip up all the zippers, and unbutton shirts and trousers.

4. Using Too Much Detergent

Failing to read the care label instructions can result to using the wrong type of cleaning material or using too much detergent. Remember that when the instructions say dry clean only, it means the fabric is not supposed to be soaked in water or cleaned with a water-based detergent. For garments with this label, take them to the nearest dry cleaning laundry service shop in Singapore. This method uses a dry cleaning solvent, different from a detergent used for hand-washing or washing machines.

However, if the item can be washed in water, check the instructions on the detergent label for the correct amount that should be used for a specific number of clothes or for hard water. Some detergents are concentrated, which means that rinsing the excess suds can be difficult. This will not only damage clothes, but will also become a breeding ground for bacteria.