When Practicality Strikes

Whether you like it or not, you have to be practical. Guys should be the one to earn money for their families. It is the truth that is accepted by the society. Even in the past, guys are the one who looks for food. They are hunt in the forest or they go fishing in the sea while girls stay at home to guard the children and take care the house.

happy couple with pink piggy bank and calculator

Men and women have equal task to do in a home. Actually, men should do the heavy and tiring task while girls must do the light things such as cleaning the house and washing clothes. Although many girls today complain about the household chores, men don’t have to tolerate girls to stop what they do at home because this might lead to laziness and ones you’ve spoiled them, it will be very hard to bring back.


Now, before you marry your boyfriend you have to check his job history and his wealth. Maybe it sounds practical and you may be looked down by other women that you are like degrading the capacity of a man. However, do not listen to them. It is for your future.

Actually, when you marry a guy who is partly wealthy, there is a chance that you’ll get happy. We cannot lie to ourselves that we do not need money because every day in our life, we use it. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong when you just think of your future. All girls don’t want to end a relationship just because the guy can’t sustain your needs.