Wedding Live Band for Hire

You are like a talent scout when you hire a Singapore wedding live band. Without a doubt, you will be impressed by lots of talented live bands out there. When the bands promote themselves and their music, they will try to put their best foot forward in order to attract you.

On Performing Live before Hiring

Some people say that seeing a band perform live before making the final decision of hiring them is one step that should not be skipped. Live viewing prior to hiring can give you the assurance that they will also be playing excellent wedding live music on your most special day. However, this is a point of argument in some people as there are also those who do not see live viewing as a compulsory thing to take before booking a band.  In fact, some bandleaders find it difficult and expensive.

If the wedding live band Singapore has presented impressive credentials but you are still feeling uncertain of booking them, the best way to take away the doubt is to ask the bandleader for contact details of their previous clients.

Importance of References

If the Singapore wedding live band can provide a number of references, this means to say that they have had several happy clients before, and happy clients will always tell you lovely things about that particular band. When they were greatly satisfied with white ribbon music band live in Singapore performance and personality, they would surely put the band in a good light. If you really want to be certain of your choice, talking to previous clients is one great way to start with. It is similar to reading online reviews of a certain product you want to buy before shelling out hundreds of dollars for it.

Confirm, Contract, Communicate

A professional wedding live band Singapore will prepare a contract once you have confirmed your booking. The written agreement will safeguard you in case the band cancels, and will safeguard the band in case you cancel.

Usually, what happens is that you as the client will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that asks for your contact details and other important information. Then you will be requested to make an initial payment which can amount to 20% of the total fee. After which there will be a written agreement or contract you need to go over carefully as this lists the band arrival and set up time, agreed playing times, and many other necessary details. Once the contract has been settled, you are advised to keep the communication with the bandleader strong because everything should be settled, including the final wedding live music choices and other requests. As your big day fast approaches, you will be requested to settle the remaining balance.

A good bandleader is also a good communicator. He or she replies promptly to your texts, calls, emails, and stays in touch with you as your wedding day is fast approaching. Be careful of live bands that do not provide a contract or request for payment into a personal bank account.