Top Advice for Starting Investors


You are at a time in your life that you realize saving does not yield as much as investment here in Singapore. You heard about success stories of people who abandoned everything and pursued investment. You are trying your best to understand the words and concepts but sometimes, it is hard to keep track and keep up.


It is important that you know things about investment before totally indulging. If you know someone who is knowledgeable about it, you have to catch some of their wisdom. Listening to their experiences can give you an idea of what to avoid. If in this case you are thinking about stocks, ask someone advice and understand it.

You will sound informed and a lot wiser by understanding the following investment terms:

Follow the trend

Following the trend for others prove helpful but not in all cases. Following the trend in stock market refers to buying nonstop especially when the property or stock prices fall and then selling it as soon as the prices start to rise. For others, this seems to make sense but in truth, it is not advisable. Investing is about waiting for the right time to take action and not blindly and headstrongly follow the trend.

Needing too much money to invest

You though that you need too much money to invest. Sure, you need loads of money to buy a condo here but when it comes to investing in stock market, the good news is that you do not need that much. If you have a good adviser, he will lead you to think that you do not need much since you can buy stocks starting from 100. If there is someone who tells you that it is impossible to invest at your current stature in life, do not listen and just follow your heart.


Buy and hold

Buying something and holding it for a long time is rather lazy and a waste of fine opportunity. If you want your money to move, you have to sell out at some point in time. Remember that you only need the right timing. Sell it and do not listen to lazy investor’s advice. Unless you plan to pass your assets along to your kids, you should not hold it.

Gold is the key

It is true that gold is valuable but it doesn’t mean that you spend all your money buying it. You have to know that it is not a sure way of getting rich as with any other kind of investment. Buying gold has its risk and unless you are ready to take on it, better leave something.

Only invest in property

There is nothing wrong if you choose to invest in property but unless you have enough of spare money, you should not consider it. There are people who spend all their dimes to a property that they cannot afford. These people are risking all their money. It is good to know other opportunities in investing like stocks and index funds.

Investing is a complicated thing and it is a complex world. You don’t have to be certified just to get familiar with it. The investment ideas mentioned above can make a difference at the end of the day.