Tip for Grown-Up Women: Hit Him Up First

A woman who took some initiative? That is sexy. In today’s dating arena, there is still an evident double standard. Mating always suggest that men should make the move and all a woman needs to do is either to accept or decline. But nowadays, where women are more empowered and not scared to go after what they want, that belief should be thrown in the past.


A woman who is confident, go-getter and exudes beauty is attractive but it becomes more visible to men when they initiate the first move. For one, since men are not used to this, they might be caught off guard but will never forget the chick who displayed self-assurance that hitting on a guy is not a big deal.

Truth be told, a bunch of guys are not just good at approaching women but are boyfriend material. Some of them simply don’t have enough thick skin and guts to deal with risks of rejection that could threaten their self-esteem. So when a guy you find attractive is not hitting on you, it is not automatically because he is not interested, you just need to tweak your behavior from what is conventional and you will never miss out the good men around.

It is time to step out from your comfort zone and what is old-fashioned; here are the reasons why you should just go for it:

  1. Confidence is Hot

Having the courage and confidence to go out there and make the first move is an attractive trait. This behavior is not about being arrogant but it’s telling the world that you are comfortable with yourself and that you do not need an approval. You become an empowered woman who goes after what she wants and tried to get it herself, should rejection arise, then at least you tried and there are no regrets at the end.

  1. It’s a form of flattery for men

By merely showing your interest to men (assuming they are not bigheaded), they will feel the warmth of it. Asking them out or even initiating a conversation can spell compliments and men like them, too. Chances are, they will like you for doing so.


  1. It will not make you wait

Waiting in general is not a bad thing, but not quite in dating. Sometimes, you can’t just whine and complain of being single while not doing something about it. Life is about taking your chances and most don’t just happen right in front of you, it needs some work too, just like relationships.

  1. The worst result is just a “no”

He’s not interested? It’s not the end of the world. When some would say “no” at you, it is totally fine, after all, you’ve also said the same thing to your dates in the past. Getting quite flirty will not make people think you are losing your mind or anything; the only worse thing you can get is not going out with the person.