Things to Expect from a Locksmith Company

Hiring a locksmith is unavoidable since at some point in time, you will definitely call for and need the services offered by locksmith companies in your area in Singapore. From having your car keys jammed into the ignition to replacing or installing a deadbolt in your home’s front door, there are actually a lot of reasons for you to call out and hire a locksmith. But whatever that reason may be, it is still in your best interest to know what you’re getting into and what you should be expecting from your locksmith company in Singapore beforehand. To give you an idea, here is a list of the things that you should expect from and be provided by your chosen locksmith company.


1. Job Quote
If you’re dealing with a reputable locksmith company in Singapore, then handing over a job quote to you won’t be a problem for them. Any reliable locksmith would be able to provide you a free job quote to inform you about what you’ll be expecting to pay for the job before you sign into the contract and handing them any money. Your chosen locksmith should also include the extra charges, such as minimum services charges, mileage fees, or fees for responding to your late night calls, in the initial quote so as to avoid surprise charges in the final invoice.

2. Services offered
There are actually a good number of locksmiths performing different locksmith services as you need them. So before you decide on hiring a locksmith, ensure first that he is capable of performing the services related to your particular needs. Some locksmiths – known as mobile locksmiths – specializes in emergency situations like locking yourself out in your car. While other locksmiths specialize in installing security locks not just in home but for offices as well. Aside from that, there are also those who offer installation services of security alarm systems and window locks. It’s just up to you to choose the locksmith Singapore who is capable to cater to your needs.


3. Professionalism
As a professional, your locksmith should get to your location on time – or the least, give you an honest wait time – as you’ve agreed upon, and conduct business with you in a courteous and professional demeanor. Also, prosmith provides a fast locksmith service in Singapore and providers like them should have all the necessary tools that he need on hand, and should take extra care so as to avoid causing damages – like door or car scratches – to your property.

4. Final Invoice
As you demand for your final invoice, keep in mind that it should correspond with the original job quote that you asked from your locksmith beforehand. The final invoice should not contain any surprise charges for the services, thus, everything should add up and amount to the price – or close to the original price – that was presented to you before the job started. If ever your final invoice don’t match with the original quote, allow your locksmith to explain where the extra charges came from and how it was used in the job. Your locksmith Singapore should be able to handle the dispute in a logical and fair way. Lastly, don’t pay for services that you did not hire him to do.

With this list, you now know what you should expect from your hired locksmith and what kind of services he will be providing you. Remember to keep these things in mind, since you can use this to determine if your locksmith is not just professional but is trustworthy as well.