The 3 Types of Android Apps You Need to Have

Google’s Android is now considered one of the most popular operating system due to its easy-to-use interface, and the accessibility of its applications or apps. If you’re new to using an Android OS, the thousands of available apps in Google’s Play Store may make one feel overwhelmed and confused, but fret not. Here are the 3 types of apps you need to get you started.

A Battery Saving App

It is not uncommon to hear that smartphones batteries easily drain out, so having a battery saving app is a definitely a must. It can do wonders on your phone’s battery life, extending it up to 50-70%. Download this app to make your battery life last, especially for internet and gaming buffs.

We recommend: JuiceDefender, Battery Booster, Easy Battery Saver and Green Power

Document Reader Apps

These apps put the smart in smartphones. These apps make keeping, reading and editing files (.docx, .pdf, .ppt, .xlsx etc) possible on smartphones – definitely helpful for students and professionals on the go. Whether you are preparing weekly reports or reading novels on spare time, having a document reader app keeps things convenient for a busy bee.

We recommend: OpenOffice Document Reader, Quickoffice Pro, and Documents To Go 3.0

Dictionary Apps

There are instances that we encounter very alien terms either in a conversation or in a newspaper, and a nearby bulky dictionary is nowhere to be found. Thankfully, the Google Play Store offers dictionary apps to aid in expanding our vocabulary easily – just type the newfound word and you get the meaning. There are also translation apps available, which can be very helpful when traveling abroad.

We recommend: Offline Dictionary,, Free Dictionary Org, and Google Translate