Signs That Your Job is Burning You Out


If we think that letting go of an unproductive relationship is hard, wait till we decide to quit. Quitting our job entails a lot of thinking and considering but we have to know when is the right time to let go. Gone were the days when employees stand by one company until retirement.


The mindset of the employees these days are different. We refuse to get tangled to a job that makes us unhappy and unsatisfied. There are others who decide clearly when to leave but there are others who are still uncertain. We have to know when we should take the plunge.

Here are some signs that we can consider so we can finally let go:

  • It’s Monday – again: If we love our job, we look forward every day whether it is Monday or Friday. All days are the same. However, if we become miserable come Monday and extremely happy during Fridays and Holidays, there is something wrong with our will. Dragging ourselves to work is enough sign that it is the right time to let go.


  • You can no longer catch up: The company has goals and we should do our best to contribute. But if we no longer believe in the direction of the company, it is time that we have to rethink. Think of the company as Titanic and our pace is like the iceberg. We should not wait for the company to hit our ice berg because it can affect our productivity.


  • Work takes up large portions of our time: Even on Saturdays and Sundays, we still spend time finishing reports for the next week. What is the use of the weekends if not spending with the family and our loved ones?