Proper Storage of DSLR Camera and Accessories

As a general rule, your camera and its accessories should have a separate storage space. It must be kept away from extreme heat or cold, moisture and flammable items.

Here are more tips on how to store your camera and its other accessories.

Camera Body

When not in use, remove the lens from the camera and place it in a bag or storage box to keep it away from dirt, dust, moisture and other elements. Remove other accessories as well like the batteries and memory card. Replace the cap after your remove the lens.

Take special care when storing the items for long. Make sure that it is not near computer monitors or any other appliance and gadget with strong electromagnetic field. It can damage the LCD. The storage should have a tight cover and must be kept away from children and pets. Place a desiccant in the storage to keep it from moisture which can cause mildew to grow on the screen.


Always remove the lenses and place the lens caps (one at the back and one at the front) back on before storing them. Check for dirt or damages before placing them in a bag or storage box. Never place them lens down. If you have multiple compartments in your bag, place one lens in each section to avoid friction with other lenses.

Besides dirt and scratches, you have to take special care not to expose your lenses to moisture. As already mentioned, they can cause mildew to grow and are very difficult to remove. You must also have a camera cleaning kit ready. You can buy these at stores. Cleaning kits usually come with a small bulb blower, spray formula, lint-free cloth and a brush.

Filters add extra protection to your lenses so use them often. They use the same cleaning process as the lenses.


If you love to travel and take your camera with you all the time, it’s important to have a camera bag or case. A hard case is recommended if you have to travel long distances. Pick one that is padded and has compartments so that you can organize the accessories. Filters can be placed in the pouches or boxes they came with when you purchased them or you can arrange them in one compartment in your bag.

Always carry the battery, charger, memory card and flash. Remove them after using and place them in one of the compartments. If you need to take landscape photos, you should also bring a tripod. They come in various sizes and are portable. Some sizes can fit in a drawstring bag.

It’s also recommended to check the equipment from time to time to make sure it’s working properly especially if they have to stay in the storage for a long time.