File Server for Home Users

With the vast number of file types available for download in today’s web community, many Singapore computer users have come to find that storing the files they obtain from the Internet has become a serious problem. Fortunately, the existence of file servers provides solution to this problem. Because of the centralized location relative to all computer units in the same network, the file server can link several computer units to a single source of information. This is a great storage solution for homes with several units as it can store and share information from unit to another.


Cloud Computing File Server

Cloud computing is the use of software or hardware to store files over a Singapore network, such as the Internet. With cloud computing, users can store in their office file server in Singapore and access any of their stored information, and use application from any device that has Internet access.  Cloud computing is more ideal rather than the portable flash drives primarily because it offers larger storage capacity, better accessibility and storage centrality. Because a user can send exact copies of files, anyone can obtain as many imitations of the same data. On the other hand, with a flash drive, or any other portable storage device, the files are not centralized; thus, making it inaccessible to anybody other than the current user of the drive.

2 Types of File Servers

  • Dedicated File Server

A dedicated file server performs only one specific function. This type of server is typically used by larger networks, where heavier workload is required. This server is also equipped with specialized software and hardware to endure greater workload and provide better performance. Hardware for desiccated file servers often include larger storage capacity, better cooling system, and higher security level.


  • Non-Dedicated File Server

Contrary to dedicated server, non-dedicated file server performs multiple functions aside from storing files. This type of server is typically used by starting businesses and small-scale organizations in Singapore.

Integration of File Server at Home

To create your own file server at home, a computer unit needs to be equipped with the right software. You can find a number of server applications online or at the nearest Singapore software provider in the locality. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by your service provider to optimize the use of the service.


For a greater amount of file storage or drive space, you might want to consider setting up a dedicated file server. A storage solution at home is a good idea, especially when file sharing from numerous sources is a priority, though the solution makes more sense for small to medium business establishments.

Each of us has different needs, and with the right devices, a personal file server at home can be a great idea. Your old personal computer that has not been much used can serve as a small serve or firewall. This can already serve as a valuable resource for students, young professionals, or even to home users.