Digital Detox: 4 Lessons You Will Learn After a Social Media Detox

Undergoing a social media detox has benefits to it, as well as a few hiccups. Yet, there are certainly lessons to be learned when you do something this drastic (in the 21st century, of course). Here are a few insights that you’ll possibly gain after a year of living without Instagram or Facebook. Do note though, that some of them are best gained truly disconnecting yourself.

1. You discover the need to be more proactive about your happiness.
For some of us, repeating to ourselves that we’re happy with our life isn’t enough. Most of us know that we’re only convincing ourselves to think that way, which often leads us to feel much worse. It becomes crucial for us to do what we can for our own sanity and happiness – even if it means logging off your Facebook account for weeks to avoid photos and toxic posts that may trigger negativity. Don’t think that you’re weak just because you’re affected by these things. In fact, doing something about it only means you’re strong and capable enough to take charge of your own happiness.

2. Comparing yourself with someone can be a bad and good thing.
As what Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” This is why deactivating our social media accounts helps us to be happier. Through this, we get to avoid comparing ourselves since we’re no longer keeping track of our peers’ accomplishments. However, it is argued that comparisons aren’t entirely a bad thing. It’s not something that we should completely stop doing since it also pushes us to do better and achieve more. Plus, it also makes us knowledgeable and interested in things that are not in our immediate circle.

3. You have so much time to improve yourself.
All the time you spend stalking and feeling bad about yourself is the time you could’ve spent doing something to improve yourself. That said, if you already figured out your goals and just got distracted by spending time on social media, then you are more likely to become more productive and get things done when you deactivate your accounts over a period of time.

4. There are a lot of people who actually care for you.
After detoxing from social media, you’ll realize that there are actually a lot of people who care about you. Since it’s more difficult to reach you without a Facebook account, they’ll ask you how you are and what you’ve been up to. You may also find yourself genuinely interested about what other people are up to and how they’re doing, which some no longer feel often since social media presents everything out for us online.
Disconnecting from social media certainly offers a lot of benefits. So be sure to do a digital and social media detox every once in a while, so you get to live the moment and enjoy your life more.