Debate Discussions: Characteristics of a Great Debater  


Around the world, many people are getting fond of joining debates especially when they can discuss and exchange ideas about interesting topics with their peers or other people. Now, a debate may be defined as giving opinions in a topic concerning the public interest in an argumentative way but it sure is a very effective tool. You may ask, “Why is it being regarded as an effective tool by some people?” Well, because it is able to raise the level of awareness on people joining or just listening in the discussion when it concerns political and social issues among some.


Of course, it is understandable that people will have different opinions and reactions on a certain matter especially if it involves politics or the community. But the thing is, not that many people are fond of arguing with other individuals. Although they do have opinions and point of views, they very much prefer to just be in the crowd and listen.

With the advent of World Wide Web and the advancement in technology, it is now very much possible to join in a debate. The launch of online forums is a great thing because it became a venue for a lot of individuals to be more open with sharing their opinions. In an online world where there is no need to reveal true information, these people are able to find the courage to post their arguments under a pseudonym. They can mingle and exchange details if they prefer to but the ultimate gain here is having a setting where they won’t be afraid to voice out or share their opinions.

If you want to be a good debater and join in various debates then you should know what the great qualities of a great debater is. Regardless if you really want to be one or just want to know the qualities, listed below are the valuable characteristics an individual must have.


  1. Be a good listener. Surely, you will be joining in the discussion. You will be talking and argue with the other individual or individuals. You will voice out your opinions on a certain matter. But you know, it pays if you listen well with what others are saying. Some people have the tendency to shut down and immediately not agreeing with other point of views dissimilar to theirs. However, in a debate, it is a must that you listen well with other’s arguments so that you can provide your own insights. Although may not win the argument, doing this will help you in the future debates you take part of.
  2. Be clear with what you’re communicating. Most likely than not, one of the debaters tend to eat his words because of the emotions he’s feeling at the moment that he can’t clearly communicate what he wants to say in a spoken manner. Although this is not that much of a big matter if you join online forums, it is still a must that you practice this well. Even when you’re just typing down the words, you may have the tendency of not being able to communicate clearly with the other debaters. Regardless if it’s online or oral debates, it is a must to have be clear with what you want to say.
  3. Being able to stay on the topic being discussed. Most of the time, the debaters will slowly go out of the course of the topic. In the desperate desire to win the argument, one of the debaters may shift the discussion to another topic. However, this is one quality that shouldn’t be practiced even if you badly want to win the argument. Being able to stay on the discussed topic is really important to have a worthy debate for everyone.
  4. Be able to respond well to the other debaters. Although some debates often go wrong especially if one debater just want to desperately win the argument, it shouldn’t be like that. Especially if it’s in a school or cyber world setting, debaters should just be able to respond to the other arguments presented by their co-debaters. Communicate your thoughts well in a spoken manner. If you are listening well to what the other individual is saying then you will be able to greatly respond as well.

In a debate, there will always be a winner and a loser. However, what matters most is it’s able to raise the awareness of people on certain matters that greatly concerns the interest of the public today.