Climate Change Reduces Penguin Survival

Climate change has greatly affected every living creature in this planet, from humans to animals. Due to gradual change of climate conditions, penguins are in hazard as described by researchers. Penguins residing in Argentina and Antarctica are having a hard time to look for survival. These species living in different locations has similar problem which is to endure the effects of climate change.


Magellanic penguins found in Punta Tombo, Argentina, are considered as the world’s biggest settlement of these animals. Because of climate change, penguins are slowly been killed by submerging rains and very high temperature said by researchers. On the other hand, the Adelie penguins of Antarctica, specifically on Ross Island, are coping up on how to stay alive as ice begins to melt and soon form icebergs.

“We’re going to see years where almost no chicks survive if climate change makes storms bigger,” stated Dr. Ginger Rebstock from University of Washington. Scientists found out that 65 per cent of chicks die every year while the remaining 40 per cent are considered to be famished.


Climate change caused 43 per cent of loss to penguins while the remaining percentage was credited to other causes. Professor Dee Boersma from University of Washington, one of the leaders of the study, said that penguins are more vulnerable to death during storm. The presence of giant icebergs makes it hard for chicks to survive since it would give them a difficult time to catch their prey.

If this problem would keep on rising very year, then it would be very impossible for them to survive for the coming years. “If the frequency of such extreme events arise, then it will be very hard to say how penguin population will buffer…” lead researcher from the Centre d’Ecologie Fontionnelle et Evolutive France, Dr. Amelie Lescroel stated.