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Digital Detox: 4 Lessons You Will Learn After a Social Media Detox

Undergoing a social media detox has benefits to it, as well as a few hiccups. Yet, there are certainly lessons to be learned when you do something this drastic (in the 21st century, of course). Here are a few insights that you’ll possibly gain after a year of living without Instagram or Facebook. Do note […]

The Only 3 Tips Every Smart Shopper Should Know

  Women are known to be notorious for being frantic shoppers, which is why it’s essential to be knowledgeable of the know-hows of smart shopping—knowing the difference of ‘needs’ and ‘wants,’ being well-informed of ways to get the most out of your money, and be familiar with fashion. So if you want to go shopping […]

6 Genius Hacks for Fixing Damaged Clothes  

Wait! Don’t give up on that gum-stained shirt just yet. Some of your damaged (or strongly stinky) clothes can still be fixed with simple home remedies. From shedding sweaters to stained and stinky jeans and shirts, we’ll give you solutions to some of the most common clothing problems. Stinky Jeans Toss your jeans in a […]

How to Live Frugally in Singapore

Singapore is known to be one of the most expensive cities where you can live in. A modest living space can cost you a lot of money, education can be quite expensive, and food can subtract a large amount from your monthly budget. The good news is: it’s entirely possible to live frugally when living […]

When Practicality Strikes

Whether you like it or not, you have to be practical. Guys should be the one to earn money for their families. It is the truth that is accepted by the society. Even in the past, guys are the one who looks for food. They are hunt in the forest or they go fishing in […]