A Summary of Singapore’s Parks

Looking for an ideal place to take a leisurely walk? How about a place to jog or to do some Tai Chi? Or are you just simply wandering about what parks are there in Singapore? Then take a look at this list to orient yourself with some of the parks here in Singapore.


  • East Coast Park

Stretching over 15 kilometers and expanding 185 hectares, East Coast Park is the largest park in Singapore. Built on reclaimed land, it was open since 1970. The park offers almost all kinds of recreational activities from simple picnics to sports activities.

  • Singapore Botanic Gardens

Founded in 1859 in Tanglin, this botanical garden spans 74 hectares and is open daily, from 5 a.m. to 12 m.n. What’s more is that for couples who are planning to have a garden wedding, they need to look no further because Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Burkill Hall could be just the place they are looking for.

  • Esplanade Park

Having built in 1943 makes Esplanade Park one of the oldest parks in Singapore. In 1991, it was redeveloped to enhance the identity of the Civic District. The Queen Elizabeth Walk, which is located in this park, is among Singapore’s historical landmarks.


  • Changi Beach Park

This coastal park measures 28 hectares and is among the oldest beach parks in Singapore. Changi Beach Park is frequented by locals who enjoy picnics, fishing, jogging, and simply hanging out.

  • Youth Olympic Park

In August 2010, Singapore hosted the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, and in commemoration of that event, the park was built and named after it. Youth Olympic Park is the first art park in Singapore and features art installations created by local youths.