5 Flat Shoes Alternatives for Your Sky-High Heels

Most women love wearing sky-high heels, since wearing a pair of black pumps is already enough to make any ensemble appear classy and chic. Still, there are some who see these godsend footwear as torture devices. If you’re part of the latter, then no need to worry. There are enough flat shoe options that you can wear if you don’t feel like wearing your good old heels – in fact, you might no longer wear them to work, on a date or even on your wedding once you’ve worn these flats.


  1. Black Flats. Just like your black heels, your black flats can also be a sharp, sexy and versatile footwear. In fact, even a black sneaker can feel and look sophisticated when it has a glossy finish and pointed toes. You can wear it with a casual attire composed of an oversized cardigan, white undershirt and cropped trousers, or you can also use it to up your formal game.


  1. Animal Printed Flats. Whether it’s accompanied by some kitty heels or not, wearing flats with a bit of animal print can actually go a long way. Not that confident to wear one? Then we suggest that you stick with those that have rich texture and natural-looking colour combinations. You can pair it with your black pieces, or go for the classic denim jeans and white-button down shirt look.


  1. Bold Coloured Flats. Unlike the sleek black flats, bold shoes is what gives a breath of fresh air in an ensemble – and just like your good old black flats, bold coloured shoes are actually easy to dress up. You have the option to wear them with a neutral ensemble, or pair them up with pieces that have the same intense shade to achieve a bold ensemble.


  1. Statement Shoes. Love bold prints on shoes? Then this shoe is your best bet. Pair them up with your fun, colourful accessories and clothes for a casual, yet hip ensemble and to avoid drawing too much attention to your feet.


  1. Nude Shoes. Other than your black flats, nude shoes should also be your go-to pair. Not only does it have a leg-lengthening effect, it can also be worn with any outfit. Just the perfect shoe to wear if want to turn your simple attire into an elegant ensemble.

High heels are really great, sadly, it isn’t mean to be worn by everyone. So if you’re in search for a more comfortable alternative to your sky-high heels, then try any of the aforementioned styles of flat shoes.