WICA Compensation Limits

If you are working here in Singapore, you should know about the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA). WICA offers injured employees with compensation. If you encountered work-related accidents or if you obtained a disease because of your work, you are entitled to claim under the WICA. When you file your WICA claim, you do not need the services of lawyers. Under the WICA, it is the responsibility of the employer (or their insurer) to compensate you irrespective of who caused it and even if the Work Pass has been withdrawn or the employment has been terminated.


You should know that on June 1, 2012, there were changes made. One of the changes includes the revising of the compensation limit. The revisions in compensation covers:

  • Death

In case of death, the maximum limit will be S$57,000. The immediate family can file and claim the compensation. Before June 1, 2012, the maximum limit was only S$47,000. The difference of S$10,000 is a big help to the family who lost their loved ones.

  • Permanent Incapacity

In case of PI (Permanent Incapacity), the maximum limit will be S$73,000 or S$218,000. When you hear PI, it means a lasting condition. You cannot work anymore because of your condition. Before June 1, 2012, the maximum limit was only S$60,000 or S$180,000. The difference is a big help to the individual starting a new life.


  • Medical Expenses

When the employee encounters accidents, medical expenses are to be expected. The expenses include treatment received by the employee. You are entitled a maximum limit of S$30,000. Before June 1, 2012, the maximum limit was S$25,000.

You have to note that accidents transpired before June 1, 2012 cannot avail of the revised compensation limit. If the employer (or their insurer) failed to pay the claim, employees can choose to file civil suit against them. In order to succeed, the employer and the lawyer need to prove that the other party is negligent and they caused the injury. You have to remember that work-related fights are not included in WICA.

As an employee, you need to feel secure and protected especially if your job exposes you to serious danger. It is your right to know your compensation benefits. Under WICA, you are entitled to the following compensation – wages when you are in medical leave, medical expenses and lump sum for death or in the event of PI. You have to remember these things so you will know what to expect should accidents happen to you.