Things to do to Save Your Eyesight

If your job entails staring at the computer screen the whole day, you have to be alarmed because it can cause dryness of the eyes. Your eyes will also get tired and irritated and worse, it can destroy your eyesight.


You do not want that so as early as now, you have to avoid staring at computer screens, smartphones, tablets and televisions for a long time. If it can’t be helped, here are some things that you need to consider to save your eyesight:

  • Blink: You do not realize it but when you are staring at the screen, you do not blink. If you do not blink, it dries your eyes. Blinking is hard to remember but you have to train your eyes to blink every now and then.
  • The 20 20 20 rule: After twenty minutes of staring at the screen, take twenty seconds to look at something and make sure that it is twenty feet away.


  • Large fonts: This is the simplest way to save your eyesight. When you find something unreadable, do your eyes a favour by considering large fonts. If you have small fonts, you tend to go near the screen and it will lead to headaches and fatigue.
  • Monitor in the right place: Your monitor should be in the right place. You should set your monitor thirty five to forty inches away from your eyes. The centre of the screen should be at least five inches below your eye level. This positioning will yield minimal visual strain plus it can help with the prevention of back and neck pain.

These are enough to save your eyesight. Follow these advices to avoid experiencing eye complications.