The Best 3 Sports Bars in Singapore

Singaporeans are undeniably huge sport enthusiasts. Because of this, it’s no wonder why there are numerous sports bars scattered in Singapore. It’s always a great time to watch a game of football or baseball with our fellow sports aficionados and cheer for our favorite teams.


Here are the top three sports bars in Singapore that will offer you good food, premium drinks and a great sporting atmosphere.

Muddy Murphy’s Irish Pub

Muddy Murphy’s shows all types of sports such as football, tennis and even F1 racing in its large TV screens. During big sporting events like the World Cup, Formula 1 Grand Prix, or the French Open. Muddy Murphy’s transform into an animated hub for sporting fans who want to keep an eye on the game while enjoying their drinks and the company of fellow sport fans.

Beer Market at Clarke Quay

Sometimes we forget to eat because of intense games and matches. Well, Beer Market offers satisfying foods and snack choices for a competitive price, so it’s pretty hard to miss eating. You’ll surely enjoy their flavorful snacks like chicken wings, luncheon fries, and spring rolls. Here, you’ll enjoy various food choices with some beer and a good sport match.


Pyramid Sports Bar

In Pyramid Sports bar, you can enjoy other activities while watching your favorite sport. If you love playing billiards, Pyramid provides a number of pool tables in different sizes that you will surely enjoy if you are a fan of pool. What’s even more amazing is that this sports bar organizes billiards tournaments for clients who want to showcase their skills and those who are always up for a challenge.