That Perfect Arch: A Guide on Defining Your Brows


For Singaporeans who are particular about eyebrows, this is the time to define it perfectly. We have to remember though that each face shape requires a specific brow shape. It is only a matter of determining the right one. When dealing with brows, we need to stay with what is natural. The brows affect the overall appearance of the eyes and the face which is important element in achieving a polished look.


If we want a universally-flattering shape, we have to consider the arched brow. It suits most faces for it opens up the eyes and gives width as well. Here is a guide on defining our eyebrows:

  • Clean: We can start by brushing our brows upward to the hairline with a spiral eyebrow brush. This step is helpful in determining the stray hairs. The stray hairs should be plucked in the natural direction of its growth and to lessen the pain, plucking should be done after taking a shower. Remember that plucking near the lids is more painful since it is a sensitive area. To keep the strands together, we have to apply clear gel.


  • Start: Most of us are concerned where we should start. This is not an issue since we only need to secure a straight-edged object like a ruler or pencil. The pencil or ruler should be placed vertically against the edge of the nose to determine the starting point of our brows. When we see the spot where the pencil or ruler aligns with the brows is where our brow should naturally begin. To avoid unibrow, we have to pluck the stray hairs in between the starting points.


  • End: Now that we know where to start, another thing that we should do is determine where our brows end. Using the same pencil or ruler, we need to stick it against the nose but turn one end towards the outer part of the eye. The pencil or ruler should be in diagonal position – with the end of the nose and the outer part of the eye touching the stick.


  • Arch: To determine the arch, we need to hold the pencil or ruler against the edge of the nose then turn the other end to where the iris is. We have to remember that we look straight ahead when we are doing this step – this is crucial to get the accurate point of the arch.

Now that we know how to perfectly define our brows, it is just a matter of time to let it happen. The good thing is that there are many products here in Singapore that we can try and what’s even better is that these products are not that expensive.