No Sign of Wage Increase

As of the latest record, Singapore is the top expensive country to live. As a matter of fact, people here are comfortably living since some of their things are provided by the government and one of that is housing. In the nation, housing is free for the masses. In reality, these homes have greater value compared to private-owned shelters. Aside from that, most of these houses are developed every time there’s a need for it to be urbanized. On the other hand, these homes in the country are administered by the government for a long time.


Since people here are granted with a comfortable housing, food and other items they need are the only things that is lacking. Thus, they need an increase in their salaries. Although, this is not yet mandatory, the Singapore Human Resources Institute informed the employees that there will be no increase in connection to their monthly earnings. However, this additional pay will increase if the productivity of the nation will also boost.


With regards to this matter, the National Wage Council in Singapore suggested that there is a $60 raise on low wage earners (individuals who received monthly wage of less than $1000). On the other hand, individuals who earns higher than $1000 have a recommended increase of up to more than $60.

Due to this, another problem arises and this is the complaint of many business owners. They say that there is no reason at all that there must be a wage increase for the employees because there are no significant increases in their business production.