Joining Hands to Help Others

Helping should be practiced by all people no matter the status and the race. All people should come together to help improve the lives of each other. This is the thinking of seventeen food outlets and retail stores in Rivervale Plaza. The food outlets and retail stores are joining their hands to help households with lower income to get by.


We often complain how difficult life is but try living in the shoes of people with low income. You will surely feel their pain and heartaches. You should be aware of how they live their lives. With this, seventeen food outlets and retail stores in Rivervale Plaza organized and launched a scheme to help struggling people. The scheme involves giving out S$40 worth of vouchers.

Each household from the neighbourhoods of Punggol East will be given a voucher. The scheme was launched on December 29, 2013 at the Rivervale Plaza. Food outlets and retail stores will start accepting the vouchers on January 1, 2014. It was noted that these vouchers can help four hundred households who are staying in rental blocks around the area.

The scheme is a partnership between the Punggol East Community Development, North East CDC and the Welfare Fund. It will not stop there. Ordinary as you feel, you can do something to help your neighbours. No matter how insignificant you feel, you should remember that there is no act that is too small if all efforts are put. Start helping now and you will feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Helping others is not all about money. You can still help others by giving your time and effort. You will surely feel blessed at the end of the day when you start giving.