If a person package is to be unpacked, additional have to be eliminated very first

If a person package is to be unpacked, additional have to be eliminated very first

eight.cuatro. Conflicting digital bundles – Problems ¶

When that binary package announces a dispute which have some other playing with an excellent Issues community, dpkg often won’t let them feel lesbian sex app unpacked into the system meanwhile. This is a stronger limitation than Holiday breaks , and this inhibits the latest busted package out of are configured because the cracking package is in the “Unpacked” condition however, allows one another bundles as unpacked in one big date.

If for example the bundle becoming unpacked is noted given that replacing (discover Overwriting records and you will replacing packages – Replaces , but observe that Holidays would be to generally speaking be used in this situation) the main one on the system, or perhaps the you to definitely into the method is noted because deselected, or one another bundles are noted Extremely important , after that dpkg commonly instantly eliminate the bundle that’s inducing the dispute. If you don’t, it will halt installing this new plan with a keen error. It procedure is actually specifically made to help make an error if strung package is important , although the fresh bundle is not.

A deal doesn’t cause a dispute merely given that their configuration records are still installed; it ought to be no less than “Half-Installed”.

A new different is good for packages hence e, or with a virtual bundle that they offer (come across below): this does not stop its installations, and lets a package in order to argument with individuals delivering a replacement for this. Make use of this feature when you need the package involved as the only bundle bringing specific feature.

along side Will bring when only one package providing confirmed virtual studio should be unpacked at a time (find Digital bundles – Will bring ),

other times in which you must avoid parallel installation of one or two packages for causes that are lingering (not repaired inside the a later on version of one of many bundles) otherwise that have to prevent both packages regarding are unpacked from the same go out, not simply configured.

Know that adding Disputes is usually perhaps not the best solution when a couple bundles deliver the same files. With regards to the cause for that conflict, using choice otherwise renaming this new documents often is a far greater method. Discover, such as for instance, Binaries .

None Vacation trips nor Conflicts can be used until a few packages cannot become hung at the same time or installing her or him one another causes included in this are broken otherwise useless. With similar capability otherwise creating a comparable opportunities as another plan is not enough cause in order to claim Breaks or Issues with that plan.

A beneficial Disputes admission may have an enthusiastic “earlier than” type clause if for example the factor in the fresh new conflict was corrected into the an afterwards sort of among the packages. not, often the visibility from a keen “earlier than” type condition was a sign that Vacations need to have already been put instead. An “prior to when” version term during the Disputes prevents dpkg regarding updating or setting up the fresh bundle and that declares including a dispute before modify or treatment of the conflicted-with plan might have been completed, that’s a powerful maximum.

7.5. Virtual bundles – Provides ¶

And the labels regarding real (“concrete”) packages, the package dating fields Depends , Advises , Suggests , Improves , Pre-Depends , Getaways , Problems , Build-Depends , Build-Depends-Indep , Build-Depends-Arc , Build-Conflicts , Build-Conflicts-Indep and build-Conflicts-Arch get discuss “virtual bundles”.

A virtual plan is one and this appears throughout the Provides control field of other bundle. The end result can be in case your package(s) which give a specific virtual bundle title was actually noted by the title almost everywhere the fresh new virtual bundle name looks. (Discover including Virtual bundles )

If there are one another real and you will virtual packages of the same name, then the dependence is generally came across (or even the dispute caused) by the both the tangible bundle with the identity at issue or some other tangible bundle that provides new virtual bundle towards the label under consideration. This is so, particularly, supposing i’ve