Curing Your Child’s Craze over Smartphone

Your kids should enjoy the world as it is rather than spend most of their time scrolling over their gadgets like tablets and smartphone. If you stroll around here in Singapore, you will notice that many people are holding their respective gadgets. Gadgets are beneficial for those who rely on it for their business transactions. However, for children, they should at least minimize its use.


You should know that parents here in Singapore show increasing concern about their children’s “craze” over smartphones. As parents, you should effectively manage how your kids utilize their smartphone (or tablets) so it will not impede their tasks. Have you heard about TimeAway? TimeAway is an application that seeks to help parents effectively manage how their kids utilize their smartphone (or tablets). This is a relatively new application but parents seem to like it for its pure intentions – to keep the children focus.

If you are interested, here are some things that you need to know about it:

  • Monitor your kid’s devices: The good thing about this app is its monitoring powers. It can help you monitor and observe your kid’s usage and application downloads. Your knowledge will aid you in making a correction plan.
  • Locate your kids: You can consider TimeAway as your locator. It works like magic. It will help you locate your kids even if they are “on the go”. So, when your kids stay up late outside, you will know where to find him/her.


  • Suspend all gadgets: Dinner is an important family time. If you want to gather the whole family, the best thing to do is suspend (for a specific time) all gadgets using TimeAway.
  • Establish schedules: It doesn’t mean that you will restrict the use of smartphones (or tablets) all the time. You only need to establish schedules so your kids will know when to use it. This is called responsible using.
  • Establish time limits: You will be seen as a dictator for establishing time limits but your kids will eventually accept and understand it. You can establish time limits so your kids can make their homework or study then sleep right after that.
  • Block apps: If you dislike a specific app for its content and value, you can easily block it. If you block it, your kids will be safe.

Unfortunately, coercion or bribery won’t work anymore. If you want your kid to be disconnected during appropriate times like meals or studying, you should seek the help of this application. It is now available in Singapore. You can simply install it in your Android phones and tablets. Monitoring your kid has never been this easy.