5 Natural Ways to Beat Bad Breath

Whether it’s a lingering bout with halitosis, or just a fleeting case of morning breath, we all get to experience bad breath sometimes. But for as easy as it is to get bad breath, getting rid of is a more complicated process. For some a professional cleaning might be needed to fully get rid of bad breath, but for most, simply brushing, flossing and doing the following remedies is already enough to do the trick.


  1. Drink Up. Failing to drink enough water is what causes a decrease in your saliva flow, thereby making your breath more concentrated. So make sure that you always carry your water bottle with you and ensure that you drink enough water throughout the day.
  1. Use Alcohol-Free Mouthwashes. Mouthwashes can really do a great job in killing the bad breath-causing bacteria, but using a mouthwash with a high alcohol content may dry out your mouth and still cause bacteria to grow. This is why most dentist suggest using an alcohol-free mouthwash, along with ingredients like eucalyptol and menthol instead. Also, wait for about 15 minutes before rinsing your mouthwash to make it more effective.


  1. Drink a Glass of Wine. Other than brushing your teeth, recent studies revealed that drinking red wine in moderation can also inhibit the bacteria growth in your mouth. Just make sure that you properly rinse with water afterwards to keep the drink from staining your teeth.
  1. Swap with Tea. Instead of indulging on your favourite latte, swap it out for a cup of black or green tea instead. These tea varieties are rich in polyphenols that can help in preventing the growth of bad breath-causing bacteria.
  1. Take Some Probiotics. Not only are probiotics good for your digestion, it’ll also help in cutting down the candida yeast that may be living in the surface of your tongue. With this, you’ll get better digestion as well as fresher breath.

Dealing with bad breath can be very complicated at times, but by using these natural remedies, you can already get rid of the odour-causing bacteria and get fresher breath.