5 Habits of Highly Efficient Individuals


People who are successful in the workplace, at home, school, or any other area of their life have superb grip in productive living. Time is gold for an efficient person; therefore it’s always spent precisely and productively. Maximizing personal efficiency lies in the attitude and patterns of behaviour of a person.


  1. They Embrace Simplicity

Simplicity drives productivity. Think about the small, insignificant tasks that compete for your time and attention. Which of these tasks can be automated, eliminated, or delegated to others? Efficient individuals know their priorities. They ruthlessly root out those duties that are less important and can be done by others.

  1. They Rarely Complain

Expressing your anger and ranting about circumstances may seem like a reliever, but it’s actually a waste of time and energy. Complaining puts you in a bad mood and affects your creative thinking. If you want to get ahead, one good tip is to concentrate on what you can do instead of focusing on how unfair the situation is. It’s not that you don’t have the right to complain, it’s just that there’s a right time and place for everything.


  1. They Don’t Dwell on Failures

There’s no need to drown yourself in pity if you fail. Instead, get up and do better next time. The emotion, time, and energy you spend dwelling on the failure is better served making up for it. Keep in mind: if you fall down seven times, get up eight.

  1. They Know When to Say No

Efficient people have strong sense of responsibility, and they clear everything from their plate that’s less of a priority for them. Some clients will have to wait for an appointment, some emails will have to be answered later, and some night outs will have to be skipped.

  1. They Know How to Balance Work

Family time, relaxation, and fun time are not “wants”, but “needs”. Without them, the body and mind will suffer. Stress from not having proper break will take a toll on your efficiency at work. A productive and efficient individual knows exactly how to balance work and social life.

In the end, efficiency is one part discipline and one part strategy. Once we see good results, the strategies become a habit and we live a life that’s powered by better time management, more goal-oriented, and greater professional and personal achievement.